Excitement is Building at Tower Mill


It’s been a productive few days at Tower Mill and as we head into a new week, the main feeling is one of excitement about the quality of cotton yarns we’ve seen come off our machines.

Each floor is filling up with cans and crates of cotton slivers, roving and yarn in various stages of preparation and completion.

packages-of-yarn-on-the-back-of-the-autoconer behind-the-autoconer packages-of-yarn-off-the-autoconer bobbins-of-yarn-in-baskets

Much of the commercial standard cotton we used to run-in and test the technology has now been spun and put on to our autoconers.

crates-of-bobbins-at-the-autoconer loading-the-autoconer-with-bobbins

The video below shows the autoconers in action, winding the yarn from cop to cone and the quality of the finished product has been really impressive.

Seeing the autoconers in operation has also been another highlight, with very high levels of automation the labour savings are considerable. We are able to mix several styles of yarn of different denominations on the machine simultaneously. These machines are highly intelligent, capable of analysing the yarn as it winds and if any faults are detected by the sensors, then the electronic clearers cut out the section of affected yarn and then splice it back together with a join that’s almost invisible to the eye.


Meanwhile, our high quality Supima cotton is still in the blowroom while the production team optimise the machine settings and spinning programmes.

But the standard of the sliver already coming through the carding machines has been so good, we are certain of producing top quality yarns.

supima-in-the-mixer supima-on-drawframe

English Fine Cottons’ sales vice president Tracy Hawkins said prospective clients are eager to see it.

She added: “The results we’ve seen so far our incredible, really very beautiful. I’m very excited about what we’ve got to show our customers.”

Tracy Hawkins


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