Ground Floor Roll Call

Our final machine for our ground floor has arrived – the comber.

We’ve already started to unpack it and put it in place and it should be finished by the end of the week, meaning all of our clean and prep machines for English Fine Cottons’ first phase will be up and ready to run.

All we have to do then, is complete the air-conditioning and filtration system so we can do our test runs with some cotton.


This is what our ground-floor will look like when it’s all in place.

On the image, the transparent machines are the ones which we will add next year, when we are ready for our second phase of establishing English Fine Cottons. We plan to add one more comber and one more card on the ground floor and upstairs, another speed frame, five more spinning frames and at least two more doublers.


The comber joins a line-up of impressive machinery. Cotton comes off the draw-frames onto the comber, which removes the short fibres from the cotton, improving its strength and uniformity. Our comber is a bit special because its more efficient and can process bigger cans of cotton fibre and it also has duo rollers, which reduces torsion in the cotton and increases the uniformity that helps insure a better quality yarn.

comber3 comber2 Comber1

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