Progress in Pictures

We’ve made amazing progress in the last two weeks and we’ve been hitting milestones almost daily. So, here’s a summary of what’s been going on at Tower Mill lately in pictures, with the odd video clip thrown in for good measure…


WIP14-1 WIP15 aircon fibretransportWIP19 WIP18 WIP17

Our air conditioning and fibre transportation systems have been balanced and more machines have been commissioned and programmed.

WIP5 WIP13 WIP12 WIP14 WIP15-1

The bale plucker has been set to work


We’ve received overwhelming support from people far and wide and our story has generated lots of interest within the media, with most recently, a visit from the crew from the BBC’s One Show who will broadcast another feature on English Fine Cottons in the next few weeks.

The Mixer has been tried and tested.

The compact twister was switched on.

And then we were able to try it out with cotton yarn.


The third floor, which houses the ring frames, became almost free as boxes as our machinery and equipment gets closer to completion.


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