The Year We Brought Back an Industry

Cotton Spinning in the UK

2016 was a monumental year for English Fine Cottons and for British manufacturing.

It was the year we embarked on our mission to re-establish cotton spinning in the UK and produce the world’s best quality cotton yarns.

This video shows how far we’ve come in 12 short months. It documents our transition from derelict mill to home of the world’s most modern cotton spinning technology.

A ground-breaking year

Early in 2016, the task ahead was daunting, but in less than 12 months, we’ve made some staggering achievements.

We built our 5 enormous spinning frames spanning 50m each.  At the same time, we put together our entire cotton production system across three floors of Tower Mill.

We took our first deliveries of cotton bales – Californian Supima cotton and Suvin Gold, a rare and luxurious type of cotton from Indian.

Most importantly, we produced our first beautiful cottons yarns. Not only that, but the quality of our yarns surpassed all of our targets.

Finally, we began a number of exciting projects, including working with partner manufacturers to produce luxury fabrics.

Exciting times for British manufacturing

We’re can’t wait to see what’s in store this year and wish everybody all the best for 2017! We think it’s going to be a fantastic year for manufacturers in Britain!

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