Spun, Woven and Printed in Britain

These beautiful printed cotton fabrics, made entirely in the North West, were showcased to the fashion world this week at The London Textile Fair.

Floral prints, spun, woven adn printed in Britain

Our friends at Standfast & Barracks have unveiled the fabrics as part of their latest collections of menswear and womenswear prints. The renowned fabric printers, based in Lancaster, have used specially designed prints on luxurious fabric made from our Supima cotton.

A North-West Production Chain

The cotton was spun here at Tower Mill and woven at John Spencers Textiles Ltd, in Burnley. The British-made creations were showcased for the first time at TLTF, which was held in Islington on Wednesday and Thursday.

Recently, we visited Standfast & Barracks’ Lancashire mill, which has been their home for more than 90 years, to see the new fabrics being inspected. We couldn’t resist a tour of the sprawling site, where the company prepares fabrics ready for print in-house before steaming and drying it.

Standfast & Barracks prides itself on completing all the preparation work that enables them to carry-out strict quality control.  And these processes are done using some pretty colossal machinery.

Partners in Manufacturing

As well as the printed fabrics project, we’re also working closely with Standfast & Barracks on others.

They’re also finishing our own range of classic shirting fabrics, which is expected to be launched soon.  The company’s expertise has helped us achieve just the right drape, feel and performance for our luxurious garment fabrics.

Here at English Fine Cottons, we’re always excited to see a product made from our yarns and we love these fabulous prints  – now we can’t wait to spot somebody wearing them.

spun, woven, printed in Britian


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