VIDEO: Three More Up and Running

Slowly but surely more machines are whirring into action and entering into the production line at Tower Mill.

In the last few days, we’ve been using our lapformer, comber and speed frame as we turn the cotton from fibre to sliver ready for spinning into top quality combed cotton yarns.

The Lapformer

After coming off the drawframes, the sliver goes to the lapformer which winds it into compact laps ready for the comber.

Our comber is very fast, efficient and also really intelligent with real time quality management via the control panel. This is the latest in comber technology and the machine automatically levels and controls the sliver consistency equally across the eight positions, removing any short fibres as it goes.

The combing process is where the lustre associated with top quality cotton fibres starts to become more noticeable.

The Lapformer and Comber The Comber Cotton on the comber

The combed sliver goes to the finisher drawframe where it is further levelled and drafted before going to the speedframe.

The cans are lined up along the back of the machine and the ends of the sliver are fed through so a level of twist can be applied as it’s drafted on to bobbins ready for spinning on the third floor.

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