VIDEO: Seven Weeks To Production – the Countdown Begins

It’s exactly seven weeks until we will be producing the finest cotton yarn in the world!

With machines going in at a rate of knots these last couple of weeks, we thought it was a good time to get some film footage to record the progress — so take a look at our video, which shows where we are up to now.

Things will move even more quickly over the next few weeks, as we gear up to start testing our equipment as soon as possible.

On the ground floor, our blowroom has made fantastic progress and it can be completed as soon as the air conditioning system and ducting network for fibre transport are finished. This week, our bale plucker will start to go down and the carding machine coilers will be cemented in, while next week the comber will arrive.

On the first floor, the auto-coners have been built and their computers are currently being programmed, and we expect the speed-frame to be finished any day now.

And on the first floor, we are waiting for a massive delivery of 6,000 spindles for the first five spinning frames. As soon as they arrive, one ring frame will be finished every week until production begins.

So all in all, lots has been achieved, but still lots to do — let the countdown begin!

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