VIDEO: When we turned on the Auto-coner…

We got to see our Auto-coner in action today and it didn’t fail to wow!

Standing tall and very, very wide on the first floor, it’s every bit as impressive as it looks – this is one clever piece of kit.

The Auto-coner is where the cotton yarn comes after it has been spun, up on the third floor. It not only winds the yarn from cops onto a cone at speeds of up to 1,500 metres a minute it also analyses  the threads for imperfections and faults as it goes.

If the sensors detect a fault, the clearers automatically, cut out the faulty section and then splice it back together, untwisting then re-twisting the ends together to form an almost invisible join. 

We turned it on today so the engineers could programme the highly intelligent computer, which tell the Auto-coner exactly what settings to use with all the individual types of yarn.



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