From Sea Island to Suvin and Supima, we’ve handpicked the cream of the world’s cotton crops

The name ‘extra long staple’ cotton is given to cotton fibres of extraordinary length, whose characteristics create the most luxurious fabrics.

Extra-long staple (ELS) cottons are considered the finest, with a high lustre and unrivalled softness – making them highly prized and the most expensive of all the cotton varieties.

The recognised industry standard for the minimum fibre length of an ELS cotton is 34.925 mm.  This is significantly longer than the traditional upland varieties of cotton that have an average staple length of between 26 and 27 mm.  ELS cotton fibres can exceed 40mm.

As well as fibre length, ELS cottons are also in demand for their superior strength and uniformity. Since ELS cotton varieties need very specific growing conditions – optimum amounts of sunshine, rain and humidity – they are grown only in limited quantities.

Plenty of TLC

Cotton plants are very vigorous and if not managed properly, will grow into large bushes or small trees with minimal fibre production. This results in higher production costs, with increased risks when compared to upland cotton varieties.

ELS cotton fibres are used to make luxury yarns, fabrics and specialty products, which are priced to absorb additional production costs that sometimes include hand-picking, rather than machine harvesting.

Fine luxury cotton yarns

Our automotive pedigree means there is no compromise on quality. By combining our traditional skills, lean management and the very latest technology, we produce some of the finest luxury cotton yarns money can buy.

From Sea Island to Suvin and Supima, we’ve handpicked the cream of the world’s cotton crops – developing lasting partnerships that will bring new opportunities to the wider textile industry.

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