Our Cotton

Our Yarns

Building our cotton yarn stocks

As we start to produce our cotton yarns, we’re initially concentrating on making samples for specific customer requests.

By the end of 2016 we’ll start to build-up our stocks.

Our standard cotton yarns will be mostly combed compact ringspun yarns, and available in counts from 30 Ne to 140 Ne.  These will be normally stocked in singles and plied to order.

Special orders

For special orders, we have the capability to produce yarns from 140 Ne to 200 Ne.

We will also hold small stocks of dyed yarns, in seasonal colours for the knitting and shirting markets.

Our standard lint is Supima.  However, we will have stocks of WISICA Sea Island and Suvin Gold, mainly for use in finer counts for the luxury market.

Dye cones

If required, we can supply our yarns soft wound on plastic perforated cores for dyeing.

Cotton yarns can be supplied waxed for knitting, and are available as 1kg cones. If requested, we can make larger cones.