Woven fabrics

We’ve been busy working with our partner weavers and finishers to produce samples of fabrics for a variety of market sectors.

Among our samples are classic British shirting fabrics and bed-linen, print-ready poplins and cotton lawns.  Eventually, we hope to offer a range of printed fabrics.

As our projects progress, we’ll share more information on what will be available.

The initial hangers and swatches we’ve produced are already attracting interest from a number of well-known clothing brands.

And we’re looking forward to receiving samples from our next wave of Supima fabrics early in 2017.

Knitted fabrics

We’ve recently started working with a number of garment and fabric knitting companies.

We continue to develop our yarns for making the fine jersey knits used in tee shirts and underwear, and also pique fabrics for polo shirts.

Again, this project is still in its early stages – we hope to be able to share more information early in 2017.


We’re already collecting a considerable amount of ‘comber noil’ – the shorter fibre that’s produced during the combing process.

We’re now looking for ways to recycle it, and our project team is exploring ways to process the material into a recycled yarn.

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