The Company

Our History

English Fine Cottons – going back to the future

English Fine Cottons was ‘born’ when our parent company, Culimeta Saveguard (CS), embarked on an ambitious project to bring cotton spinning back to Britain.

The two driving forces behind the project were the strong world-wide demand for luxury goods with the ‘Made in Britain’ stamp, and a desire to reverse the decline in the British textile industry.

Using traditional skills

To understand how and why CS is uniquely equipped to drive the rebirth of the UK cotton-spinning industry, you need to know a little more about how the company was set-up more than 20 years ago.

CS began making industrial textile products from a former cotton mill near Manchester. We converted a 50-year-old cotton ring-spinning system to process ‘technical’ fibres, using traditional textile skills found locally to produce 21st century materials.

Traditional skills

Over two decades, we harnessed traditional textile processing skills – found locally and used over hundreds of years in the cotton industry.  We develop and produce modern technical textiles.

Now, CS is a global engineering textile manufacturing company with a proven record for product innovation. As well as spinning and processing high-performance technical fibre yarns, we make a range of specialist products for the industrial and automotive sectors.

Global expertise

The company still operates from its original base in Tame Valley Mill, Dukinfield. We export eighty-five per cent of our products and have subsidiary companies in the US, India and Italy, as well as partner companies in Germany, France and Latvia.

In 2013, CS acquired Tower Mill, which sits next door to Tame Valley Mill.  With a plan to turn it into a state-of-the-art cotton spinning facility, started a complete restoration and renovation programme. You can watch the transformation from near-derelict mill to modern manufacturing facility here.

Spiritual home

Once again, Tower Mill is a working cotton mill – and English Fine Cottons is producing some of the world’s finest quality cotton yarns right here in the North West of England, the cotton manufacturing industry’s spiritual home.