Your Invitation to Tower Mill

English Fine Cottons is inviting members of the public to come for a tour of Tower Mill.

We are hosting two open days on Saturday, October 29th and Saturday, November 26th for those who would like to see a 21st century cotton mill in action.


Our story has generated a huge amount of interest from the media and people within the textiles industry, but we’ve also received lots of messages of support and well wishes from members of the public.

Throughout October and November, we are hosting a series of events for our staff and their families, but as a way of thanks we’re extending the invitation to our supporters.

Our general manager Andy Ogden said: “The story of the rebirth of cotton spinning in the UK has really captured people’s imagination. We’ve received so many messages of support from people who are thrilled to see cotton spinning back in the UK.

“Many of them used to work in the industry or remember their parents working in cotton mills and we’d like to offer them the opportunity to come and see what we are doing.

“With all of  our state-of-the-art technology, Tower Mill is very different to the old mills in operation when Manchester was known as Cottonopolis and we think our guests will be amazed.”

EDITOR’S NOTE ADDED ON 15/10/2016: Thank you for your interest in our open days but both dates are now fully booked. Due to the amount of interest, we will announce an additional date later in the year.





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