Luxury Baby Slings Made With Our Precious Suvin Gold Yarns

Our finest cotton yarns have been put to good use by a British company who’ve made them into baby slings.

Scotland-based babywearing company Oscha has made a range of slings and wraps with our precious Suvin Gold yarns, as well as our star grade Supima.

Last year, we spun a small amount of Suvin Gold – a rare superfine cotton that’s the jewel in the Indian cotton crown – and the family run business was lucky enough to bag some of the yarns. The Suvin Gold was used to create some of the brand’s boutique slings such as the Galafriel Namarie shown in the main picture and Misty Mountains and Rings of Power below.

Oscha Kasumi Meander sling supima

Oscha Rings of Power Vale Suvin Gold

Strong and shimmery yarns

Oscha founder, Zoe Masters, told us the slings have proved a real hit. She said: “Both the Suvin Gold and Supima cottons are strong and shimmery, this brings a lovely silky smooth feeling to the wrap.

“Our customers compare the wrapping qualities of Suvin Gold to Sea Island Cotton, and love the durable nature it brings to our carriers.

“They are certainly seen as a luxurious alternative to standard cottons and have been really well received.”

Happy Oscha customers have given the baby slings made from our Suvin Gold and Supima yarns the seal of approval

Seal of approval

At Tower Mill, we were delighted to hear first-hand how well the cottons have gone down with customers, after reading a series of messages from happy sling-wearers.

One customer, Trang Woo, said: “It feels silky and oh so shiny that you’ll need to snuggle with it. It wraps beautifully and glides into place…I just want to mention that shine again!”

Erica Kurktchi said: “I am absolutely loving the Supima cotton! It doesn’t feel like any cotton I’ve previously wrapped with. The shine on it is also unbelievable. When you think cotton, you don’t think of shine. And that has been true until now!”

Johna Jolene Smith said: “It’s amazing! SO soft straight from the bag. Plus my toddler felt weightless still.”

Among the popular Supima slings are the Kasumi Meander, Paven Asha, Raja Wilds and Starry Nights, all pictured below.

Oscha Kasuma Meander Supima Sling

Oscha Kasumi Meander sling supima

Oscha Paven Asha Sling Supima

Oscha Raja Wilds Supima sling

Oscha Starry Nights Supima sling

The success of Oscha’s Britspun®  slings comes shortly after they launched their range of Ceo scarves, made from our Supima, back in August 2017.

Zoe says the company’s ethos is to craft beautiful, practical babywearing products and woven accessories from materials sourced as locally and ethically as possible – all from their workshop near Edinburgh.

She added: “We are so proud to be supporting a British yarn company.”



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