VIDEO: One Week to Production

In seven days English Fine Cottons will be in production and in these three videos, a tour of each floor, you can see how far we’ve come!

We have already been spinning with test cotton, which has also been put through its paces on our auto-coner,

But in a week’s time, the air conditioning and transportation systems throughout Tower Mill will be complete, meaning we can switch on all of our machines on the ground floor and produce our own cotton from start to finish.

The Ground Floor

We’ve just painted the floor downstairs and the ducting in our ground floor plant room is nearly all in place.

groundfloor2 groundfloor1

The First Floor

On the first floor, we’ve nearly finished programming the auto-coner, the doublers and winders – the final machines to be delivered in our first phase – are nearly complete and there are rows of ready made cotton cans waiting to be filled with cotton.

The Third Floor


On the third floor, the first two ringframes are now complete and are being tested, with another three frames close to completion, the plant room has been painted and is still being wired up and the floor-space which just weeks ago was lined with piles of boxes is looking pretty empty as our machinery nears completion.

thirdfloor1 thirdfloor2

The finish line is in sight!

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