Our First Outerwear Fabrics

This week we took delivery of our first rolls of outerwear fabrics as we continue to expand our stock range of Classic Cotton based fabrics, soon to be launched at Tower Mill.

It’s another step forward in our mission to re-establish the cotton industry in the UK, by working with UK based manufacturing partners on products that until now had to be sourced from abroad.

Bringing back an industry

General manager Andy Ogden said: “Our aim wasn’t just to bring cotton spinning back to this country, it was to re-establish the entire industry.

“That means finding partner manufacturers who can help us make products that were once made in Britain but disappeared from our shores when the industry was dismantled.

“We’ll continue to work with other manufacturers and our customers to diversify our range to show that these products can be made in the UK once again.”

Highly constructed fabrics

The weave of the fabric is so highly constructed, it effectively acts as a water repellent barrier, while remaining “breathable”.

This method was first developed in the 1930s when the first ever functional fabric was made.

English Fine Cottons aims to provide it in three weights, which can be used in summer light weight jackets and trousers through to heavier fabrics for winter coats.

English Fine Cottons outerwear fabrics

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