English Fine Cottons at Chester Races

We went to the Boodles May Festival to encourage tens of thousands of race-goers to look for #TheCottonRose.

We were proud to be among the official sponsors of the event at Chester Races. And it was a fantastic opportunity to remind the fashion-conscious crowds about the resurgence of the British textiles industry.

Our #TheCottonRose campaign could be seen all around the race-course throughout the three-day race meeting – the aim was to inspire consumers to buy British-made and when buying cotton products, to check the label for the English Fine Cottons cotton rose.

We’ve already told you about the English Fine Cottons Leading Jockey and Leading Trainer competitions.

And throughout the week, the leading jockeys could be seen wearing the armband we had made specially here in the North West.

Jockey Wearing Armband

Trainer Richard Fahy and jockey Ryan Moore were presented with prizes that included a bespoke mac made with our yarns by Manchester label, Private Whites VC.

English Fine Cottons Leading Trainer competition winner

Ladies Day on Thursday saw our sponsored race, the English Fine Cottons handicap. Our advert was played on big screens across the course throughout the day, reminding the crowds that the UK’s cotton spinning industry has returned.

English Fine Cottons Handicap

And while the gentlemen were vying for the Best Dressed Man award on Wednesday, five mannequins wearing the first shirts to be made from start to finish in Britain for around 25 years were on display.

The shirts, made from English Fine Cottons fabrics, were made by Chester-based tailors Crichtons Bespoke, as a showcase for the event. You can find out more about that here.

the big screen at chester races featuring the english fine cottons advert

English Fine Cottons’ Andy Ogden said: “We had a great week and we’d like to thank Chester Races and everyone involved in Boodles May Festival for putting on a fabulous event.

“But it wasn’t all about enjoying ourselves, we hope we used the opportunity to grab the attention of tens of thousands of race-goers and remind them about the importance of supporting British manufacturing by buying British-made products.”

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