Spun in Britain, Woven In Britain

English Fine Cottons has hit another milestone – producing the first rolls of beautiful cotton shirting fabric for a major retail client.

The fabric has been woven from our finest cotton yarns by a Lancashire weaver, another boost to our mission to re-establish Britain’s cotton industry.

We’re also working with John Spencer Textiles Ltd on a second exciting project  to develop a selection of cotton fabrics to stock here at Tower Mill. The stock range will be for smaller labels and start-up business that want to source materials manufactured entirely in Britain.

English Fine Cottons’ Tracy Hawkins said: “Our mission to bring back cotton spinning to the UK is fast gaining momentum. Every day, we’re receiving calls from customers keen to get hold of our cotton yarns or fabrics made from our yarns.

“We’re working with a number of big retailers to produce large quantities of cotton products to their specifications. But we also know there’s also a number of smaller operations that will benefit hugely from our stock range.

“The range is in development and we hope to make a small selection available in the coming months, adding to it during the year.”

The shirting fabrics project is just one of many we currently have underway. We’ve been teaming up with a number of businesses across the country to work on producing cotton products.

It’s all part of a drive to form a tried and tested UK manufacturing chain for our customers and veteran weavers John Spencer’s has been a stalwart ally in our crusade.

A sixth-generation family run business, the firm runs the last remaining traditional mill in Burnley, which was once home to cotton weaving and boasted 70,000 looms. It’s also the base for their luxury British-made home furnishing label, Ian Mankin.

Director David Collinge said: “There’s definitely a desire in the UK at the moment that we need to support our own businesses, and our country.

“Retailers are responding to that feeling and they want to source British products.

“In the trade, we must be realistic and recognise that we need to put all the links in the chain in place, right down to garment makers.”

“The best cotton spinning machinery in the world is now in a mill in the north of England

“The project is fantastic and we whole-heartedly support it.”

English Fine Cottons is also working with a dye-house in Blackburn, knitters in the midlands and fabric printers and finishers across the country.

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