Project Showroom

A North West furniture maker is putting our plans for the Tower Mill showroom into action.

We’ve already shown you the amazing designs for a grand entrance to our iconic mill, which we are aiming to complete before Christmas.

We recently visited Nathan Millar’s workshop in Macclesfield after he’d taken delivery of all the oak timber required to build the shelving and display cabinets.

The timber will be left to acclimatise for a week or two (to minimise any movement or warping later) but in the meantime, Nathan is testing out some waxes and stains to get the right colour.

Nathan said: “This is a really big and exciting project for me. Working with a company that is striving to bring back manufacturing to the UK, to use materials sourced in the UK, and to make it locally for another business ticks all the boxes.”

Nathan is passionate about sourcing locally and keeping the carbon footprint of his business low. Not only does he source as much of his materials as possible within 50 miles ofhis workshop, he also makes his own bees wax polish from bees who live nearby.  And the wood waste from the English Fine Cottons project will be sent to a local smokehouse, who will use it to add a delicious oaky flavour to their food products.

Watch the video on the link above to see the project getting started and keep an eye on our Journal over the coming months and we’ll keep you updated on it’s progress.





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