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Package Dyeing

This is one of the most commonly used methods of dyeing yarns.  While it’s a mature process, technical developments in recent years mean package dyeing is now a sophisticated and economical process.

Highly-automated package dyeing processes use high temperatures and high pressure to create yarns in many different colours.

Reliable colour consistency and uniformity is one of the many advantages of package dyeing.  Another is that the dye vessels can be sized to suit different batches, reducing the amount of dye liquor used and enabling the manufacturer to offer smaller colour batches in shorter timeframes.

The process also means the yarn is handled much less, with fewer opportunities to damage delicate yarns.

We’ve teamed-up with local dyeing specialists to develop a range of popular standard colours that will enable us to supply some quantities of yarn from stock.


We intend to hold stock in knitting/hosiery counts 30’s and 40’s Ne, and also finer counts 80’s and 100’s Ne in weaving twists for our shirting customers.

Larger requirements or non-standard colours can be accommodated on request, and may be subject to lead times.